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Re:¬† ¬†Unfortunately, your API “DroneEutopia” has been declined.

Reason for this decision:

We need far more information about your App, and more particularly how leads are generated on your end.

OK, this Info… should more than fix that problem handily!!¬† ¬†

Hey, Three Amigo’s…
OK, so here is a narrative, explaining — why are we interested in working with the Kartra API:
We wrote a killer Business Software Package
Now, along with the technical stuff – I’m going to market the heck out of this… giving you all the “other” stuff, that a good partner should be aware of…
So you see the BHAG Vision and Happily say “yes”¬† ¬†¬†ūüėČ
Target Audience:¬† Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilots…¬†
Sub Audience:     Anyone with a Drone, interested in becoming a Part 107 Certified Pilot.
Going to sell you on why we need the approval to work on API integration, right now… because the market is massively expanding.
An extra¬†200,000¬†COMMERCIALLY LICENSED folks that can fly a drone but don’t know a dang thing about business – coming on-board in the next 36 months!
Without our software, what they pay for Insurance coverage will be punitive – we’ve been working with the specialized insurance carriers.
Taylor —¬† Ron, Kirk, Rocky and Donna have all seen my Video Studio and Epic Whiteboard — that studio was built for WebinarJam and EverWebinar Training of this and other markets.
Currently, as in this very instant, there are 100,000+ Licenced by the FAA Part 107 pilots.
Currently, we have absolutely no competition – none whatsoever, nada,¬†niente, zip, zilch, zippo, nil, nought, nothing — getting the drift here – we are very happy campers!
Currently, we are in a position to help these guys become Kartra Subscribers – hopefully, lots of them on an ongoing basis because we are all about making them profitable.
We created a Trifecta for these folks.
It looks like this:
Kartra                   DE                     Reputation Marketing     
Funnels       Application      Keeps the Wheels on the Bus
In the Kartra funnels – now that you have the delivery system on the Frank Kern Campaigns… worked out…
By the time we are in full swing, we’ll be pleased to hear that we can clone our funnels the same way you have for Frank’s stuff.
Heck if ClickFunnels can do it – a piece of cake for you guys!
You’re already 89% there!
Can we get thousands or even tens of thousands of subscribers? 
Maybe, Probably, Hopefully!
Over the next three years – almost positively and absolutely!
Reputation Marketing is NOT Reputation Monitoring and it’s not Reputation Management.
It’s far better and it’s another huge thing that will set our¬†clients far ahead of all of their competitors – keeping DE in the forefront.
Trifecta Рso we lock down this market tight and take Kartra with us for a VERY nice ride and vice versa !!
Any potential competition is all Cloud-Based – but they’ve missed the mark because 42% of Drone use is Agricultural and 26.3% is in the boon toolies… no cell towers, no Internet.
” We don ned no stinkn cel towrs! “
(45 seconds and well worth the play)
Classic Scene from Treasure of the Sierra Madre
When everyone else needs¬†the Internet, we don’t — that’s one of the reasons we’ll dominate this market.
It’s called DroneEutopia (DE) because…
From the Greek: Eutopia (not a misspell) means:  A perfect society or state of existence; a place of supreme happiness.
DroneEutopia uses Filemaker… more background:
  • We understand¬†JSON, XML, ODBC,¬†REST. cURL¬†and JS plus we have a tool within Filemaker that makes quick and easy work of connection to API’s – it can make use of a variety of those available options.
  • DE runs on all Windows and Apple Laptops and Desktops.
  • DE runs on all iPads that can run IOS 11.0 – 11.2 (everything built – going back 6 years)
  • We capture information directly from the DE application and some of it needs to make it back to Kartra.
  • We need to turn off Membership Access for instance if the bill isn’t getting paid.
  • We’d like to pull info from Chat Support and make it part of the recordkeeping within DE
  • Kartra needs to provide our application (DE) information about leads coming in, payments and CC expiration, declined payments, etc that it gets from the Stripe Integration
  • Filemaker is a wholly owned subsidiary¬†of Apple and Apple has owned Filemaker for 32 years because it is a super fine Rapid Application Development Tool – they understood it back then and it ONLY ran on Windows.
  • I’ve been coding for 39 years, my two partners 31 and 29 years…¬†
Naturally, we do not know the full possibilities and limitations yet, — but we’ll help shake out the issues because… just like your guys in Dev, our Dev guys are wicked smart too…
Hope you liked the scene from Treasure of the Sierra Madre, it cracks me up every time I watch it…
And hope that this is enough info to get approved and get access to the API, so we can begin working with it.
Otherwise, how about a Call, Skype, Zoom, WebinarJam or two cans and a string ūüėČ
IMHO, this situation should warrant a 10-minute conversation for further clarification, if necessary.
Looking forward to a long, happy and rapidly profitable relationship!!

Best and to your Success,
Robert Kwasny
Expert Generalist and full-time Catalyst…
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505.908.7971 Cell


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kartra <>
Date: Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 11:44 PM
Subject: Your API has been declined
To: Robert <>

Unfortunately, your API “DroneEutopia” has been declined.

Reason for this decision: We need far more information about your App, and more particularly how leads are generated on your end.

You’re most welcome to¬†contact support¬†if you feel there has been a mistake in this decision.


Oh, I left out how we are “getting leads”

We go to the tradeshows, we advertise, we are on Drone Business Panels, we’re ramping up for a Drone News Webinar and Facebook Live Channel, etc…
This fresh info, came in as I was writing the original screed.

Autonomous Farm Equipment Market worth over USD 180 billion by 2024

Autonomous Farm Equipment Market size was valued at over USD 55 billion in 2016 and its demand is projected to cross 3 million units by 2024. Request a sample document of this report with detailed table of contents @

UAV is anticipated to witness robust growth at over 35% up to 2024. Usage of drones for the hazardous works such as fertilizer and pesticides spraying will propel the business demand. 

Leads, are not going to be a problem…