DroneEutopia releases Version 10-2.003

Las Vegas, June 24, 2019, 09:53PT

DroneEutopia Creates the World’s Most Comprehensive Drone Data Business Platform in the World by replacing Eight Common Business Tools. 

DroneEutopia with offices in Las Vegas and Albuquerque, the world’s leading commercial drone business software company, announced today that it has released its next-gen, full spectrum drone business solution in a common tablet. 
DroneEutopia’s version 2-10 strength — is derived by replacing all disparate, ill-communicating, off-the-shelf software packages, with one seamless, fully integrated, drone business specific tool. DroneEutopia’s improved workflows for certified Part 107 commercial drone pilots, has 100% guaranteed that every bit of data entered once — is available everywhere throughout its solution. Unlike current workflows that depend on word processing, spreadsheets, CRM’s, autoresponders, marketing, financial, tracking, and inventory software — DroneEutopia also incorporates a host of very specialized process flows unique to commercial drone businesses, which are fully integrated. 
DroneEutopia takes drone businesses even further, with seamless integration of WordPress, reputation marketing and full sales and marketing funnels, as well as complete integration with one of the worlds longest running and relied upon, extensible and interoperable, rapid custom application development solution tool — Apple Inc’s, FileMaker Pro. 
Robert Kwasny, VP of Sales and Marketing for DroneEutopia, states, “We are so very pleased to help commercial drone pilots everywhere… fly well, fly safely and fly profitably! Our large advisory team of top commercial Part 107 drone pilots were instrumental in the creation of DroneEutopia.” Mr. Kwasny credits their guidance and the software development and design teams 100+ years of business software development experience for the success and adoption of the DroneEutopia solution. 
“Think about it”, he says, “This industry didn’t exist a few short years ago and today it is already a very different and rapidly evolving business model. Hobbyist drone pilots enter this field, get FAA certification and then take on commercial work… but less than 5% have ever run their own business, soup to nuts, A to Z. That’s where we come it, we analyzed their current business needs and then projected forward what their drone business needs will be a decade from now.”
Previously partnered on multiple projects with Don Clark, CTO DroneEutopia, Robert says of Mr. Clark, “Don is one of those rare people that actually owned his own Apple store back in the day and has been doing high tech solutions for almost four decades… DroneEutopia is his finest work, and he’s an Internationally recognized authority in rapid business solution development processes — which says a lot.”
“Our motto is: “Fly Well, Fly Safely, Fly Profitably” and for good reason… DroneEutopia actually assists pilots reduce their insurance premiums because of features that a pilot can voluntarily report to an insurer, the depth of his or her flight experience, and demonstrate flawless record keeping with a push of a button. Flight conditions are meticulously recorded, even to the level of Sun Spot activity, which can affect drone flying safety.”
“42% of drone use is agricultural, where cell tower and internet access might not even exist, yet our solution uniquely works at full speed and is not dependent on some remote server. When reconnected to the grid, DroneEutopia updates any pending work that is grid dependent. If you are on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico doing inspections… you would be facing serious challenges without the grid, but it’s not a problem with DroneEutopia.” says Mr. Clark, “We don’t attempt to recreate tools that are used for flying, image capture, mapping and progression studies, we simply don’t concern ourselves with those tools. We want our users to be safer, better, more insured, more efficient business persons than those that don’t use DroneEutopia. DroneEutopia simply does not allow business to slip through the cracks in their business process. From initial contact, follow up contact, email, text and phone communication, proposals, quotes, invoices, multiple decision makers and sub-vendors, general inventory, flight specific checklists where inventory is assigned, pre-flight shot lists, cloning of most processes for efficiency, post-flight lists, billing, accounts receivable, excellent business reporting and financial analysis — keeps a commercial drone Operator — profitable.” 
Mr. Kwasny expands, “The beauty of DroneEutopia is its “One Tap” philosophy. It knows where a pilot is in the business process, and with “One Tap” will present the very next thing that needs to be entered. If skipped, DroneEutopia creates a list of items to be entered, and once entered, propagates to the 5, 10, 15 or more places that info is needed. Conversely, when a data entry mistake is discovered, correcting it once, corrects it everywhere. Try that with MS Word, Excel, Quickbooks, SalesForce, an AutoResponder, a Sales Funnel, Reputation Marketing System, etc… All of a sudden most drone businesses have an inconsistent mess on their hands, but not with DroneEutopia.”

He continues, “While DroneEutopia is our flagship product, we have been quietly preparing to augment what our company does, so stay tuned for additional announcements. We couldn’t be happier with our product mix, and our clients are happy as well. For the cost of just a little more than one half day’s minimum wage salary, DroneEutopia produces flawless business execution with “One Tap” efficiency — it doesn’t get much better than that!”

There will be further regulatory Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) changes this year and beyond. The drone industry is set for years of extraordinary growth. Robert wraps it up neatly with, “The published FAA material forecasts 3X growth in the months ahead, with an estimated 230,000 drones flying the skies in 2019 and beyond, as regulations lighten the burden for industry but increase reporting and accountably — we are perfectly positioned to be of great assistance to the industry and to scale and adapt for our clients as needed. It’s exciting times we are living in!”

DroneEutopia is the leading, independent of cell and internet requirements, tablet based, next-gen GUI — business software platform for commercial drone businesses, focused on empowering delivery of professional grade drone services to clients of commercial drone businesses. Trusted by commercial Part 107 pilots, DroneEutopia transforms businesses servicing industries, including real estate, agriculture, construction, mining, inspection, and surveying. Elegant in design, DroneEutopia empowers professional-grade business processes for commercial drone pilots that wish to scale their operations flawlessly.

To learn more visit www.DroneEutopia.com and join the conversation on Facebook @DroneEutopia and @ProUASpilot. 

Contact Robert “Kwaz” Kwasny  702-472-7400  Kwaz@DroneEutopia.com

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